Film Friday – Chef Film A Matter of Taste

First up on our Food Film Friday list is A Matter of Taste

It’s Friday, and weekend plans are forming. So many choices; what to do, where to go, social invitations, or relaxing at home with a dinner and a movie. If you opt for the latter, we created an entertaining and delicious line-up of foodie films to relish, from chef documentaries to sumptuous food and wine stories. Available in your Netflix queue.


A Matter of Taste, is a documentary on Chef Paul Liebrandt’s quest to claim a Michelin Star. The story begins in a post 911 New York, where diners embrace a return to comfort food. British born Chef Paul, forges forward with his culinary-vision and sheer artistry of creating dishes that are deconstructed, twisted & tweaked, inventive and artfully presented. The documentary follows Liebrandt on his journey from Papillon a neighborhood bistro, serving burgers and fries, to Guilt, of the Palace Hotel, to receiving resounding alocades for his own Michelin-starred restaurant Corton.


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