Best Bunnies – Chocolate Easter Bunnies to Dye For!

Easter morning conjures childhood memories of the basket hunt with the prized Chocolate Bunny nested in the center with a medley of sugary pastel sweets. The Chocolate Bunny, wrapped in foil or in a box was the sweet reward, much to sweet for a grownup palate.

Chocolate Bunnies have grown up, perhaps to Chocolate Rabbits, made with quality dark chocolate, organic and gluten free. Bunnies in classic standing poses, in cars, motorcycles and boats. Bunnies filled with caramel, nuts, sea salt, fruits, even hot chile peppers and on a stick. We found, classic, silly, dapper and ever-so-tiny, Chocolate Bunnies. Chocolate Bunnies as gifts, decor, place cards and centerpieces.  We went on our own Easter hunt, for  the best artisan crafted Chocolate Easter Bunnies. These charming and delicious discoveries are for you enjoy!

  • Guilt Free Chocolate Bunny
    Guilt Free Bunny

Floppy-Eared Bunny – This darling Flop Eared Chocolate Easter Bunny is almost too cute to eat. Made with dark chocolatey goodness. Olde Naples Chocolate buy
Guilt-Free Bunny – This Chocolate Bunny, while not rich dark chocolate, is adorable and edible for those who choose not to have a sugar-high. buy
Feel-Good Bunny – This sea salt & almond Chocolate Bunny has some zip and crunch, as well as a feel good mission! This organic, fair-trade chocolate bunny is made with smooth dark-milk chocolate blended perfectly with the nuttiness of roasted almonds and tangy sea salt. Lake Champlain Chocolates buy
Dapper Bunny – These solid chocolate bunnies are donned with a festive ribbons and are available in milk, dark, white and their new, white raspberry chocolate. Li-Lac Chocolates buy
Berry Pink Bunny – This pink bunny partnered with the raspberry fairies to become a rasberry-scrumptious white chocolate bunny. The pink color comes from freeze-dried raspberry dust that is blended with rich white chocolate and a touch of peppermint to create the perfect pink chocolate. If you want the pink chocolate experience minus the edible ears and tails, try the Love Bar. Same white chocolate with peppermint, raspberry dust and whole raspberries mixed in. Nutty Steph’s of Vermont buy
Bunny Pops – A sweet gift for spring, this silky milk chocolate bunny pop is the perfect addition to your table setting or Easter basket. Herbert Candies buy
Nutty BunnyThis deep milk chocolate bunny will win you over at first bite with its flop-ears and petite pouf tail. Made with a custom blend of milk chocolate, punctuated with just a touch of dark to deepen the flavor profile, to captivate the palate and juxtaposed with just the right amount of sea salt and hickory smoked almonds. Vosges Haute Chocolate buy
Gold Glam Bunny – This iconic Lindt Chocolate Bunny is bow-bedecked, wrapped in elegant gold foil with a little bell. Foil be-dazzled, this Chocolate Bunny can double as a trophy for the winner of the Easter egg hunt. Lindt Gold Bunny – buy everywhere
Jolliest BunnyThis chocolate bunny is tickled yummy. He will laugh at your silliest jokes until his ears disappear! Woodhouse Chocolates buy
Cutest Bunny – From the tips of his perky ears to his tiny toes, this dark chocolate charmer is downright delicious. Laughing Moon Chocolates buy.
A Bevy of Bunnies – A box filled with mini chocolate bunnies. Five hand-piped chocolate bunnies are filled with chocolate hazelnut and orange with almond ears. Included in the box are two sets of freshly made marzipan eggs and two sets of chocolate truffles. L.A. Burdick Chocolate buy

Entertaining Your chocolate passion xoxo

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