Valentine Date No. 1 – Snowbound Sweetheart

Surprise your Valentine’s Day sweetheart with a winter wonderland! Create a warm romantic escape from the snowy chilly winter. Stage an indoor winter wonderland picnic complete with snowdrifts, a crackling fire and chilled champagne. Snuggle with your sweetie, sip champagne, nibble on small bites, smooch and lounge while smooth jazz serenades in the background. How to Create: Layout oversized pillows next to the fireplace or living room floor, drape with blankets. Cover blankets with white sheets and sprinkle with faux snow. Add glitter for an extra sparkly effect. Fill picnic basket with finger sandwiches and nibbles, plates, napkins and silverware, Iced champagne bucket with champagne. candelabras add elegance and drama. Spread small frosted votives [we recommend flameless votives – if passion prevails].  A vase or nosegay of white roses […]