Wine Labels with Tasting Notes

  Wine Tasting Notes refer to the aroma, taste identification, acidity, structure, texture, and balance of a wine. We have assembled tasting notes for the wine parings in our blog posts.     shop Sokol Blosser  

Wine Quiz – No. 1

Wine Quiz Question: True or False: People who taste wines often, such as sommeliers, may actually re-wire their brains to perceive wines differently from less frequent tasters? A. True B. False Answer

Upscale Up-Cycle

Wine Bottle Chandelier This handcrafted wine bottle chandelier was created by Masion Estate’s owner Chris Weylandt, who also owns a well known South African home decor and furniture store, Weylandts. Maison Estate is a vineyard, a tasting room and bistro-style restaurant, all nestled in The Valley of the Huguenots, South Africa. The Tasting Room and The Kitchen is an extension of Chris Weylandt’s Good Living philosophy which is a celebration of relaxed living, operating on the principal of producing great wine, delicious food and great design. Images: Maison Estate