What Would Frasier Serve For A Seahawks Superbowl Party?

Looking for Super Bowl recipes? We created a menu Frasier would serve – Spicy & Haute. What would Frasier serve if his farther Martin wanted to invite his buddies over to watch the Superbowl game? The Pacific Northwest’s flavors and Pike’s Place fresh-caught fish would come into play. Frasier would elevate the standard playbook menu and serve an array of re-imagined dips, chips and spreads with internationally inspired seasonings and spices. Chips in Salsa Frasier would not resort to serving the standard go-to chips and salsa combination. He would give the combo a spicy spin with homemade salsa tossed into just-fried flavored tortilla chips and sprinkled with Mexican Cotija cheese. Olé Dish Inspiration Queso Fundido al Tequila Frasier would add a […]