The 12th Day of Christmas – The Epiphany

Le Fête des Rois (or Kings Feast) is Celebrated on the Epiphany. The Epiphany, January the 6th, the 12th day of Christmas, is when the Three Kings visit the baby Jesus. Dating back to the 14th century, the Feast of the Epiphany has been celebrated in France as tirer les roisâ (decide who is the king of the day). Part of the festivities includes a galette, a traditional flat cake, round in shape, which symbolises the sun. The galette des Rois is a delectable dessert made of puff pastry filled with creme d’amande [almond creme]. Each galette is sold with a golden crown and contains a feve hidden inside (a fava bean or a decorative charm). The youngest child in […]