Best Bunnies – Chocolate Easter Bunnies to Dye For!

Easter morning conjures childhood memories of the basket hunt with the prized Chocolate Bunny nested in the center with a medley of sugary pastel sweets. The Chocolate Bunny, wrapped in foil or in a box was the sweet reward, much to sweet for a grownup palate. Chocolate Bunnies have grown up, perhaps to Chocolate Rabbits, made with quality dark chocolate, organic and gluten free. Bunnies in classic standing poses, in cars, motorcycles and boats. Bunnies filled with caramel, nuts, sea salt, fruits, even hot chile peppers and on a stick. We found, classic, silly, dapper and ever-so-tiny, Chocolate Bunnies. Chocolate Bunnies as gifts, decor, place cards and centerpieces.  We went on our own Easter hunt, for  the best artisan crafted […]