What would Frasier Serve for A Seahawks Superbowl Party?

Superbowl 49 – Seahawks vs New England Patriots.

We created a menu Frasier would serve – Spicy & Haute.

  • Hot Ricotta Dip
    Hot Ricotta Dip

What would Frasier serve his father Martin and his buddies for the Superbowl game? The Pacific Northwest’s flavors and Pike’s Place fresh-caught fish would come into play. Frasier would elevate the standard playbook menu and serve an array of re-imagined dips, chips and spreads with internationally inspired seasonings and spices.

Chips in Salsa
Frasier would not resort to serving the standard go-to chips and salsa combination. He would give the combo a spicy spin with homemade salsa tossed into just-fried flavored tortilla chips and sprinkled with Mexican Cotija cheese.
Dish Inspiration

Queso Fundido al Tequila
Frasier would add a dash of flare to the classic Queso Fundido cheesy dip with perhaps Tequila [Tequila is aged in white or French oak barrels].

Dish Inspiration

Chunky Guacamole
Fraiser’s guacamole would be fresh-made in a volcanic-rock molcajete [mortar and pestle] served with hot corn tortilla chips and two kinds of salsa: tomatillo and fresh tomato.
Dish Inspiration

Grilled Potato Chips With Chive Dip
Ordinary potato chips would not suffice the persnickety Frasier. He would make handmade potato chips, thin sliced on a mandolin with baby potatoes; Russian blues, reds and Yukon’s, baked and served with a creamy chive dip.
Dish Inspiration

Artichoke Dip with Crispy Shallots
Taking things up a notch, Frasier’s version of the classic artichoke dip would be simmered with garlic and wine, then blended with creme fraiche, Gruyre and Tabasco, baked with a panko topping and finished with crispy shallots on top.
Dish Inspiration

Pimento Cheese Fries
Frasier would take his french fries over the top, by broiling them with a tequila-spiked pimento cheese topping.

A very decadent take on fries.
Dish Inspiration

Gingery Cilantro Dip with Shrimp
Frasier would pick up fresh-caught shrimp from Pikes Place, jumbo even prawns served with a fresh dipping sauce of cilantro and ginger.
Dish Inspiration

Warm Piquillo and Crab Dip
Keeping with the Pacific Northwest fresh seafood theme, fresh Crab is baked on top of piquillo peppers, until warm and melty.
Dish Inspiration

Hot Ricotta Dip
To add to the cheesy dip repertoire, this dip blends ricotta and parmesan with a some red chili heat, then baked and served with artfully arranged red & green baby endive.
Dish Inspiration

Toasted Pumpkin Seed Dip
Niles would rave over this Yucatán-style dip with puréed pumpkin seeds with roasted tomatoes, garlic and chiles.
Dish Inspiration

Goat Cheese Edamame Dip with spiced Pepitas
The chipotles in the adobo sauce add heat and smokiness to the creamy dip. The spiced pepitas [roasted pumpkin seeds] scattered on top of the dip are great a snack on their own.
Dish Inspiration

Smoked Mozzarella Spread with Flatbread Crackers
Frasier would whip up this smoked mozzarella spread in his Cuisinart and serve with savory flatbread crackers. A nice paring with beer, craft or not.
Dish Inspiration

This palate pleasing spread of dips, chips, spreads and cheesy bakes could even impress Frasier’s curmudgeonly dad.

Try a dish or two from our Frasier-imagined menu and add a new play to your party’s game plan.

Entertaining you with Chef created dishes for your gastro-inspired Superbowl party. xoxo

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