Entertaining Superbowl TV Commercials.

This Year’s Superbowl TV Commercials are a wacky and wonderful mix of Hotbots, ostriches, Muppets, puppies & Clydesdales, villains, War & Peace and more.

Superbowl 2014 TV Commercial - Kia Forte 'Hotbot'
Superbowl 2014 TV Commercial – Kia Forte ‘Hotbot’

For those who watch the Superbowl for the commercials, this is our Entertaining List of the best Superbowl 2014 TV commercials.

Doritos ran a contest for Best Doritos Ad for Superbowl 2014
And the winner is…
Doritos  ‘Breakroom Ostrich’

How can the Budweiser top their Clydesdale TV Ad of 2013?
Budweiser  ‘Puppy Love’

Some Muppet fun… who can resist?
Toyota Highlander  ‘The Muppets Steal A Car’

Just when things are getting Interesting…
Oikos Greek Yogurt  ‘Full House Mini Reunion’

Don’t kick the tires!
Kia Forte  ‘Hotbots’

An Agency Creative Blue-Sky Session…
Samsung Mobile  ‘The Next Big Thing

Gracie Returns : )
Cheerios  ‘Gracie’

Why are Hollywood villains always played by Brits?
Jaguar  ‘British Villains Rendezvous’

Amy being Amy.
Best Buy  ‘Asking Amy’

When the parents are away…
Pepsi Next  ‘Party

Make Love ♥ ♥ ♥
AXE  ‘PEACE Make Love, Not War’

And if this is not enough, here is the complete line-up of Superbowl 2014 commercials; quarter by quarter – Enjoy!

The NFL”S Official listing of Suerbowl 2014 TV Commercials.

Entertaining Dips for your commercial breaks xoxo

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