Friday Fish Dish – Roasted & Stuffed Shrimp Scampi

Start Lent’s Fish Friday with a classic Italian-American shrimp dish. In American, scampi is a shrimp dish with garlic butter and dry white wine served on a bed of linguine. This updated classic dish with roasted prawns stuffed with scampi is so beautiful, it does not need to share a plate with linguine. Serve the Stuffed Prawns with a salad of baby greens and a lemony vinaigrette. Suggested Wine Pairing A Sauvignon Blanc from the Northen Italian Trentino-Alto Adige wine country. How to Make Ingredients Scampi Filling: 1 lb medium or large shrimp 2 cloves garlic, minced ¼ cup greek yogurt 1 cup panko 2 T fresh lemon juice ¼ t turmeric ¼ t crushed red pepper flakes 2 T […]

THE OSCARS – A Viewing Party Menu Your Guests Will Love!

To celebrate the Academy Awards show we created a red carpet worthy menu for your Oscars viewing party, inspired by the Best Picture nominees. We suggest you prepare your thank you speech for your adoring party guests! THE OSCARS MENU Cocktail Gravity – Heavenly Inspiration Celestial Fizz Cocktail Opening Monologue Wolf of Wall Street – 80’s hors d’euvres Buckwheat Blinis with Creme Fraiche and Caviar American Hustle – 70’s hors d’oeuvres Crab Rangoons Angels on Horsebacks And the winner Is… Updated classic antipasto platter – great for sharing in the viewing room Feta ball with peppadews, Grissini olives and assorted crackers Grand Finale Dallas Buyers Club – Cowboy Style Cowboy Cookies atop RumChata milk shake {via} Celestial Fizz Cocktail Buckwheat […]

The Envelope Please…

Add Panache To Your Oscar viewing party Invites with The Academy’s Official Envelope Designer. Marc Friedland, the designer of the Academy Award winners envelope has designed a collection of Academy sanctioned invitations for Oscar viewing parties. Ten exclusive Oscar party invitation designs are available online for party hosts to personalize and send digitally. The Oscar Collections designs range from The Classic Golden Age of Hollywood to modern. There are witty takes on the iconic Oscar. There is glitz and glam (complete with Swarovski studded Oscar) to mid-60’s inspired pop art. Each design is a handcrafted original that Marc Friedlands studio transformed into digital e-vites. Each invitation in the collection has a matching designed envelope, custom stamp, and features the never […]

Spice Up Your Curry!

Make Curry At Home Curry is not a spice, rather a melange of spices. Packaged curry is acceptable in a pinch, but pales in comparison to fresh-made curry. Toasting and grinding your curry is a sensory and taste experience. Imagine wandering through the vibrant and exotic atmosphere of a New Delhi village market. The street food vendors tantalizing scents waft into the air; sabzi kachauri [spicy potato curry], matar kulcha [curried peas with mango], chole bhature [white chickpeas curry with fried leavened bread] and chaat, a savoury snack. Bring that sensation into your home cooking experience. The curry is so aromatic and flavorful. The spice ingredients are readily available at food co-ops, where you can buy bulk. Your homemade curry […]

What Would Frasier Serve For A Seahawks Superbowl Party?

Looking for Super Bowl recipes? We created a menu Frasier would serve – Spicy & Haute. What would Frasier serve if his farther Martin wanted to invite his buddies over to watch the Superbowl game? The Pacific Northwest’s flavors and Pike’s Place fresh-caught fish would come into play. Frasier would elevate the standard playbook menu and serve an array of re-imagined dips, chips and spreads with internationally inspired seasonings and spices. Chips in Salsa Frasier would not resort to serving the standard go-to chips and salsa combination. He would give the combo a spicy spin with homemade salsa tossed into just-fried flavored tortilla chips and sprinkled with Mexican Cotija cheese. Olé Dish Inspiration Queso Fundido al Tequila Frasier would add a […]

moet chandon leopard luxury edition

Moet’s Luxury Leopard Makes an Entrance.

The Methuselah Leopard Luxury Edition Môet & Chandon’s The Methuselah Leopard Luxury Edition is the newest exclusive release. The limited edition’s label is coated in 22-carat gold leaf and ensconced with a leopard motif. This exclusive edition is Môet’s Nectar Imperial Rosè boldest statement yet. Only 60 bottles were produced worldwide, reserved for the most exceptional moments. Moet Nectar Imperial Rosè distinguishes itself by its extravagant fruitiness and delightfully crisp finish, a champagne crafted to please the senses.  {via} Entertaining your most exclusive wishes xoxo

Elegant New Year’s Eve Canapés

The Menu Parmesan Shortbread Bites with Bubbly Creamy Goat Cheese with Sun-dried Tomatoes on a Crispy Spoon-Shaped Cracker Trio of Savory Madeleines Beet “Tartare” Deviled Quail Eggs Bloody Mary Soup Shots with Shrimp and Pickled Vegetables Warm Yukon Gold Blinis with Crème Fraîche and Salmon Caviar Lobster Salad Canapés image + recipes: Small Bites