Friday Fish Dish – Snow Crab Smack

It’s Friday night, pondering what to serve, with minimal effort, Snow Crab comes to mind. Steamed and succulent snow crab is such a crowd pleaser. So very easy to prepare and plate. The bright pink-red shells give promise to the sweetness that needs only clarified butter as an accent. It’s still in season, albeit nearing the end [January 15 through March]. Serve the crab with lemon wedges and clarified butter. Don’t settle for garden-variety butter in the dairy section. Rather, choose an Irish butter, Plugra or a European-style butter, which have a higher fat content, making the butter sweeter and creamier and a really decadent dipping sauce. The crab is the star and needs little else as accompaniment. However, a side could be roasted […]

Spice Up Your Curry!

Make Curry At Home Curry is not a spice, rather a melange of spices. Packaged curry is acceptable in a pinch, but pales in comparison to fresh-made curry. Toasting and grinding your curry is a sensory and taste experience. Imagine wandering through the vibrant and exotic atmosphere of a New Delhi village market. The street food vendors tantalizing scents waft into the air; sabzi kachauri [spicy potato curry], matar kulcha [curried peas with mango], chole bhature [white chickpeas curry with fried leavened bread] and chaat, a savoury snack. Bring that sensation into your home cooking experience. The curry is so aromatic and flavorful. The spice ingredients are readily available at food co-ops, where you can buy bulk. Your homemade curry […]