What would Frasier Serve for A Seahawks Superbowl Party?

Superbowl 49 – Seahawks vs New England Patriots. We created a menu Frasier would serve – Spicy & Haute. What would Frasier serve his father Martin and his buddies for the Superbowl game? The Pacific Northwest’s flavors and Pike’s Place fresh-caught fish would come into play. Frasier would elevate the standard playbook menu and serve an array of re-imagined dips, chips and spreads with internationally inspired seasonings and spices.

Friday Fish Dish – Moqueca Brazilian Fish Stew

Every coastal region has a cultural version of a fish soup or fishermans stew, bouillabaisse of Provence, cotriade of Brittany, brodetto of Italy, halszl of Hungary, cioppino of San Fransisco, Bostonian chowda and Moqueca of Brazil.

Friday Fish Dish – Snow Crab Smack

It’s Friday night, pondering what to serve, with minimal effort, Snow Crab comes to mind. Steamed and succulent snow crab is such a crowd pleaser. So very easy to prepare and plate. The bright pink-red shells give promise to the sweetness that needs only clarified butter as an accent. It’s still in season, albeit nearing the end [January 15 through March]. Serve the crab with lemon wedges and clarified butter. Don’t settle for garden-variety butter in the dairy section. Rather, choose an Irish butter, Plugra or a European-style butter, which have a higher fat content, making the butter sweeter and creamier and a really decadent dipping sauce. The crab is the star and needs little else as accompaniment. However, a side could be roasted […]

Friday Fish Dish – Roasted Salmon with Lentils Braised in Red Wine

This weeks Friday Fish Dish for is a Pacific Northwest paring of roasted salmon with a light bodied Oregon Pinot Noir. The roasted salmon is served on a bed of French baby lentils, braised in red wine with a simple green salad, dressed with a mustard vinaigrette. For a beautiful presentation, plate on a platter and serve family-style. For a wine pairing, we suggest an Oregon Pinot Noir, for the silky, subtle tannin structure and strawberry and raspberry fruit character. The earthy undertones of Pinot Noir bring out the savory and rich flavors of the salmon and braised lentils. Suggested Wine Pairing 2011 Ponzi Pinot Noir buy Method – risotto-style lentils It is important to use French lentils, such as du […]

Friday Fish Dish – Fishy Pie in Puff Pastry

This week’s Lent Fish Friday takes us to the British Isles with an updated version of the British staple, a puff pasty fishy pie. This fishy pie in puff pastry is a change-up from the traditional fish pie which is made with cod, salmon and prawns in a creamy white wine sauce and topped with potato mash. This cheeky fish dish version is simple to make and stylish to serve. The fishy pie is filled with a delicious cheesy, leeky cod filling. Accompany the rich puff pastry dish with a simply salad. Set the table with a casual nautical colour theme. A suggested wine paring would be a dry white wine, You want to avoid fruity peachy, pineapple flavour served […]

Friday Fish Dish – Salade Nicoise with Roasted Salmon

The signs of spring are not yet apparent. Channeling warm places, we suggest a classic south of France dish, Salade Niçoise. This colourful and beautifully platted fish dish is easy to prepare and is also a crowd pleaser. Perfect for a casual Friday evening or to serve for an impromptu cocktail party. Just add wine or bubbles with fruit juice mixes. Instead of tuna we choose roasted salmon on a bed of haricot vert [french green beans] with roasted fingerling potatoes and roasted red peppers, garnished with egg wedges, crudités and lovely french olives; niçoise, nyons and picholines. A perfect Salmon Niçoise wine paring would be a Provence Rose, The dry Roses’ fruitiness and crisp finish complement the platters medley […]